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Volume Two - An Abridged Extract

The I Ching and The Genetic Code



This book is the result of an in-depth research project to find the mysterious formalistic

numerical system used by the Sages of the Ch'in and H'an dynasties of China.

 In his introduction to the I Ching, Richard Wilhelm stated:

          "In the course of time, owing to the great repute for wisdom attaching to the Book of             

Changes, a large body of occult doctrines extraneous to it - some of them not even Chinese 

in origin - have come to be connected with its teachings "

This book demonstrates, with numerous illustrations, the relationship between the I Ching and

The Genetic Code.

It contains some of the most stunning pictures ever produced

on the Genetic Code, its component codons and polynucleotide chains.

It is a virtual mathematical analysis of the makeup of DNA and RNA. A classic book in its own right.

A book which could alter the way in which chemical formulae is represented in future, by using network

diagrams in which all atoms are displayed in a numerical format.

This book on "The I Ching and the Genetic Code" differs from other books on this particular subject.

Other existing books show the relationship between the I Ching and the Genetic Code by

presuming that  biograms - T'ai Yang  - Shao Yin - Shao Yin and Tai Yin represent the genetic bases

of Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine/Uracil. 

I have made no such presumptions in my research.

In the very beginning, I set out to prove everything in a mathematical and logical manner.

If such a relationship existed, I decided that it must be proven without any doubt  whatsoever.

 I took nothing for granted, as with my other research work, it had to be proven mathematically.

 Pure mathematics is a factual science "it is or it is not" there is no ambiguity or doubt  in the answer.

In the first instance, I decided that I would consult the I Ching for guidance on this matter.

After meditating upon it, I realized that I could achieve my objectives by utilizing a

Numeric Interface Code, based on my previous research work, which changes

the symbolic language of the I Ching into a numeric language.

It is described in the introduction to the I Ching by Richard Wilhelm and has been generally

over looked by most practitioners and researchers, i.e.,

                       A positive line ______ to a negative line __   __   =  9

                       A negative line __   __ to a positive line  ______  =  6 

                       A positive line ______ to a positive line   ______ = 7 

                       A negative line __   __ to a negative line  __   __ =  8 

Every  hexagram of the I Ching is based upon SIX linear lines which are either :

   Yang represented by a straight line shown symbolically as ______ or

   Yin    represented by a broken line shown symbolically as __    __  .

Each hexagram consist of TWO trigrams, placed one above the other.

By placing the lower trigram adjacent to the upper trigram, a three digit interface code

for each hexagram can be created by using the symbolic/numeric code shown above.

For example, consider Hexagram No. 11 below :

  Line 6  __   __

  Line  5 __   __    

  Line 4 __    __                                                                                                  K'un

  Line 3 ______         This hexagram symbolically represents the trigrams   _____

  Line 2 ______                                                                                                  Ch'ien

  Line 1 ______

Now we can obtain a three digit interface code as follows:

Line 3 ______ to Line 6 __   __  = 9

Line 2 ______ to Line 5 __   __ = 9

Line 1 ______  to Line 4 __  __ = 9

In this manner every hexagram of the I Ching can be assigned a three digit interface code

which consist of the numerals  6 , 7, 8 or 9.

Thus, by using the Order of Completion

(mentioned and described within the Ta Chuan / The Great Treatise) a Matrix grid

consisting of 64 hexagrams, represented by their respective three digit interface codes, was created.

Further, by assigning a Genetic base letter i.e.,  A, C, G and/or  T/U to  each individual numeral

of the respective hexagram interface code "The I Ching and the Genetic Code" relationship

was deduced mathematically.  This is a simple mathematical exercise.

Having achieved one of my prime objectives, I  then attempted

to show that the ancient scribes of China knew about the Genetic Code.

I had to prove in simple mathematical terms that:

The I Ching Symbolic and Numerical Codes = The Alphabetical Genetic Codes

In other words - the numerals of the interface codes i.e., 6, 7, 8 and 9 = A, C, G and/or T/U.

This was more difficult than I had imagined.  At first, I did not think that this would be possible.

How does one equate numbers with biological /chemical functions?

The answer to this difficult problem was concealed within the  I Ching.

In his book on the I Ching, Richard Wilhelm stated in his introduction to his work the following:

The Ch'in and H'an dynasties saw the beginning of a formalistic natural philosophy

that sought to embrace the entire world of thought in a system of number symbols.

I was intrigued by this statement. It meant that the ancient scribes of China had developed

a secret numerical system by which everything could be represented or classified in a numerical manner.

How did they achieve this impossible task? I gave much thought to this particular enigma.

I knew that they were great mathematicians, astrologers, star gazers and alchemists.

There are ancient sayings on such matters, which have been passed down through

the centuries by generations of astrologers. 

One such poetical saying is:

AS ABOVE SO BELOW and vice versa

Which astrologically means, that what happens in the Heavens affects the Earth

and what happens on Earth affects the Heavens.

Another poetical saying is:

 AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT and vice versa

This alchemically means,  that the ingredients of a chemical substance affect the resultant

 chemical mixture and each constituent part affects the product produced or created.

After meditating on this, I realized that the answer to my problem laid not only in the

study of the Heavens above, but in the constituent parts that forms the Heavens.

So I started to watch the Sun and the Moon cycles, as they rose and waned each day,

in order to obtain some insight into the minds of the ancient scribes.

Writing down a typical cyclic event of the Moon, as it revolved around the Eartb,

I suddenly realized what the ancient philosophy  was based upon.

The ancient Chinese scribes had developed a numerical and

mathematical philosophy, based on electrons.

Chemical and organic substances are formed by atoms which consist of protons, neutrons and electrons.

Therefore it is logical and possible to represent everything in the Universe

based on a measured and summated electron atomic standard.

Delving into books of biology, I was somewhat disappointed to find that the representation

of the genetic code and its constituent parts differed from book to book.

In order to represent the many chemical formulae's, inherent within the different and diverse books

of cellular biology, I decided to change all formulae's and diagrammatic chemical representations.

In doing so, I used simplified electronic network diagrams to represent the respective

atomic bonding arrangement and numeric or colour codes to represent the individual atoms.

The numeric code being based on the number of electrons which surrounded the respective atom, i.e.,

Hydrogen = 1 : Carbon = 6 : Nitrogen = 7 : Oxygen = 8 , Phosphorous = 15 : Sulphur = 16.

In this manner, the constituent components of the Genetic Code i.e.,

Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine/Uracil, deoxyribose/ribose Sugars and the

phosphorous linkage of DNA and RNA, including all Amino-Acids,

were deduced in a logical, mathematical and scientific manner.

The resultant analysis of this research, conclusively provides the evidence that

the ancient scribes knew the basic atomic molecular structure of the universe and 

actually knew the Genetic Code thousands of years ago.

The book contains numerous illustrations and drawings. 

It provides mathematicians, scientist, biologist and researchers with a

formalistic mathematical and graphical language for biological and chemical systems.

A graphical illustration of a typical Genetic Code arrangement is shown below.

Copyright John C. Compton - 2008



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