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The I Ching Project

The I Ching Project was inaugurated in 1986, when my initial research on an ancient Tibetan Mandala revealed a Trigram relationship with the I Ching -The Chinese book of Changes. For the past 27 years I have delved deeply into Tantric / Buddhist Symbolism and the commentaries of the I Ching. The research has revealed and conclusively proves the existence of a lost civilization, whose mathematical and scientific knowledge not only equalled but surpassed its Greek and Egyptian contemporaries.

This web site contains commentaries, research notes and illustrations, selected from my research work, which will astonish practitioners, philosophers and scholars of the ancient art of divination.

My research proves that the I Ching is not only a book of divination, but a profound book of mathematics and science. It also incorporates the original binary code which can be attributed to the ancient authors of the I Ching some 4000 years ago.

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