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The Book of Changes - The I Ching - has continuously inspired sages, philosophers and poets for nearly four thousand years. Its central theme is the science of continuous change and the transformation underlying all existences.

Whilst the text of this book has been widely read and its inherent subjective oracular material interpreted and described in-depth by many authors worldwide, very few scholars have realized that it contains a secret canon and a number of cryptic codes. The decipherment of these codes has lead to the reconstruction of an ancient computer system, where data was encoded in a symbolic format.

This web-site contains extracts of my research work, compiled in my books:       

The Secret Computer of the Ancient Gods

The I Ching and the Genetic Code

The Pictographic Library of the Ancient Gods

The I Ching and the Genetic Code - Part 2

The Gates of Destiny

The Key Codes of Fu Hsi & King Wen

My in-depth mathematical analysis of the I Ching has revealed that its text contains symbolic, binary and genetic data. The decipherment of this data has led not only to a vast ancient library of pictographic images, but also to a unique biological mathematical matrix system, in which the knowledge and wisdom of a lost civilization has been stored in a computerized time capsule for posterity.

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